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EPIC 2017 Year In Review

EPIC 2017 Year In Review

Every December, we step back and evaluate how we’ve held up against the ever-lofty goals we set for ourselves 11 months before. Our final assessment for 2017? CRUSHED IT.

We began the year with a promise to ourselves, our partners, and our growing list of supporters to continue pushing for greater transparency, honesty, responsibility, and innovation in our industry. This commitment — along with our company battle cry to “Run into the storm” and take challenges head-on — guided us in every move we made, from creating an online animal sourcing library to publishing our first-ever EPIC Impact Journal to purchasing our very own regenerative field laboratory. With every leap and bound, we’ve hit our targets and shattered expectations.

To help underscore what this year means to us, we’ve compiled a list of its top EPIC moments, accomplishments, breakthroughs, and victories. This list isn’t a compilation of our own successes, though — it’s a shout out to the countless fans and conscious consumers who have had our backs and kept us motivated each and every day. Thanks to your support and dedication to ecologically-responsive, thoughtful, and revolutionary food production practices, we’re changing the world and the way we eat. That’s something we should all be damn proud of.

We’re beyond grateful for another incredible, groundbreaking year. Feast your eyes on 2017’s greatest triumphs and get ready to dominate 2018!


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