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We are overly excited to share that EPIC was awarded the Best Paleo Food Company of 2015! This top honor is an annual award bestowed by Paleo Magazine and voted on by consumers. This years voting was completed at the end of January and the award presented live at Paleo f(x) 2016. “Being recognized as a top food company within the paleo community has deep meaning to us” says Katie Forrest. The EPIC Co-founder states “Changing my diet from vegan to paleo has been the greatest pivot of my life. Not only was I able to heal my own body but I found a community of like minded champions who challenge conventional norms and work collectively to improve the health of our communities."


EPIC launched at Paleo f(x) 3 years ago with three original meat based protein bars. Since then, the company has been awarded Best Food Brand by Paleo Magazine three years in a row. EPIC Co-founder, Taylor Collins commented “We are committed to creating nourishing products that are consistent with our evolutionary biology. We never lost sight of this original intention and have passionately stayed true to our founding principles of 'feeding others as you wish to be fed’. It brings us unbelievable joy to make high quality animal protein available to the masses and this years Paleo Magazine award is very special”. 

The paleo community is packed with disruptive thinkers who challenge conventional wisdom. This group has been at the forefront of human nutrition, health, and wellness for years and we like to think they have no problem calling out people’s bullshit. This is a community that challenges the USDA, FDA, conventional medical systems, and the very core of our evolutionary biology. Collins recently said “If we fuck up, these people will call us out. Paleo followers are the ’navy seals' of conscious consumers and can smell shitty ingredients, poor quality, and green washing from miles away.”
Receiving this top honor falls on the 6 month anniversary of EPIC’s acquisition by General Mills. Since that announcement, the company has accelerated its commitment to creating nourishing foods that have the ability to heal our livestock system, restore our bodies, and regenerate our land. We have asked our consumers to maintain trust in us and believe in our ability to positively impact a large food company like General Mills. We understand that this trust must be earned and everyone in our wolf pack is working to prove that this partnership is a really good thing. As always, we encourage you to continue watching our actions and holding us accountable. 
This year's award serves as a vote of confidence from consumers who recognize that EPIC has stayed true to our values and mission post General Mills acquisition. “Our customers trust in Taylor and I. This support fuels our passion for this food revolution. The time for change is now, and our followers are voting for real change. People are beginning to see the big picture and realize that we are creating positive change at General Mills.” Forrest further stated “Since the General Mills partnership, we have launched the world’s first ready-to-heat bone broth, a line of animal based cooking oils, and a line of wild game bars. You will continue to see more game changing products throughout the year. We aren’t going to make pop-tarts or any other bullshit that we wouldn’t feed to our family.” 
We want to know what you think. Comment below and let us know how we are doing. 
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