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The CrossFit Games are finally upon us.  In late February, over 320,000 people registered to participate in the CrossFit Open, hoping for a chance to make it to the Games.  Of those 320,000+ CrossFitters., less than a quarter of 1 percent make it to the Games.  That’s why EPIC couldn’t be any prouder of the teams we sponsored early on in the season, Diablo CrossFit and Team Dynamix.  Diablo CrossFit won 1st place in the California Regional, and Team Dynamix won 1st place in the East Regional, it's as if EPIC was starting a record label and managed to sign both Tupac and Biggie! 


Now as Diablo CrossFit and Team Dynamix step onto the national stage of the CrossFit Games, we checked in with a few team members to learn a bit more about their journey!

How did you find CrossFit and get started? Why do you love it?

  • Ian (Team Dynamix): I found crossfit while playing soccer and used it to help get fitter. I began to love the community how much it humbled me and slowly the transition from soccer to crossfit being my full time sport began.
  • Becca (Team Dynamix) As rehab back into fitness after an accident in Olympic lifting. I love it because it's so humbling, satisfying, and never ending
  • Whitney (Diablo): I started CrossFit so that I could be a better softball player. Then I fell in love with the sport. I love the challenge, community and competition that CrossFit brings.
  • Vanessa (Diablo): Saw it on TV and liked all of the variety of movements. Stopped playing full contact football so wanted something competitive to do. It's constantly varied so just when you think you're getting good, a movement or workout kicks you in the ass. Love being able to do it on a team with my wife.

How have EPIC products helped fuel your training? Any favorites?

  • Christian (Team Dynamix): I love using the bars in between events because I don't like to eat too heavy during competitions.  My favorite EPIC product are the chicken bites.
  • Ian (Team Dynamix): I use epic bars to as a meal replacement or snack during competition because it is convienent and easily digested for me.  I love the bacon jerky and trail mix combo (Bacon Lust).  I also really like the Sesame Chicken Bites
  • Becca (Team Dynamix): My favorite is by far the bacon!!!!!
  • Kayla (Diablo): I eat EPIC bars and Bites in between training sessions, and sometimes during. I use the bone broth to cook and sometimes as a post wod drink 😜. Favorite are the chicken bars!
  • Vanessa (Diablo): With the high volume of training I need to keep my energy up, I also coach full time at Diablo CF and need a quick high quality snack in between coaching classes. The members appreciate me not being "hangry". Favorite is the Bison bar!
  • Kyle Z (Diablo): For me they don't sit heavy so I can eat it basically whenever and i won't feel like my being slowed down by what's in my stomach.  I LOVE the venison bar!
  • Kyle K (Diablo) With the amount of training that I have to do, I am constantly needing fuel and energy throughout the day. EPIC bars and snack packs are super easy for me to store in my gym bag or keep my going at work. They are great on long hikes and I even take them with me on camping trips!! Favorites: Bison and Bacon Bites!
  • Whitney (Diablo): I eat EPIC bars after each training session. Favorite is Chicken Sriracha Bar!


Ever been a workout or event that you almost quit? What got you throught it?

  • Ian (Team Dynamix): There is been a bunch of workouts I wanted to quit. But thinking about how much worse quitting will feel always outweighs the latter.
  • Becca (Team Dynamix): Yes. The Open this year really made me rethink competitive fitness. I stayed in it because I committed to 5 other individuals to be better than that. 
  • Kayla (Diablo): Open workout 14.5? Thrusters and rowing. It was the worst I had ever felt after a workout, and I contemplated quitting crossfit because of it. In the end I did okay and I got through it by remembering that my team needed me and I didn’t want to let them down.
  • Kyle Z (Diablo): There's been plenty of workouts where I feel like quitting. What gets me through is my team and the fact that there are 5 other people on the floor counting on me to do my part so that alone is a reason to not let them down. The second is our amazing Diablo community. It's pretty hard to put a bar down or come off a pull-up bar when our entire crowd section is counting reps for you!
  • Whitney (Diablo): There are many days where I am tired from school and work and just don't feel like working out. Those are the days I am thankful for being able bodied and have the opportunity to do what I love. If I want to quit I remember how much this sport has changed my life

What is your spirit animal?

  • Becca (Team Dynamix): Draft Horse
  • Christina (Team Dynamix): Lion
  • Kayla (Diabo): Big Cat (panther or puma)
  • Kyle Z & Kyle K (Diablo): Wolf
  • Whitney (Diablo): Lion
  • Vanessa (Diablo): One-eyed toy poodle



Do your teammates have a nickname for you? If yes, what is it and why?

  • Becca (Team Dynamix): Bex J because it’s shorter than Becca
  • Christina (Team Dyamix): Squints.  My eye sight is terrible, I don’t wear glasses, so I squint at everything.
  • Ian (Team Dynamix): They call me E or refer to me as always going “full idiot”
  • Vanessa (Diablo): Chola…check out my Games profile pic to see why. #thuglife
  • Kyle K (Diablo): We have 2 Kyles on the team so we have been trying to figure out nicknames but nothing has stuck yet.
  • Whitney (Diablo): Whit bro

What’s the scariest thing about competing at the CrossFit Games? What’s the best thing about it?

  • Christian (Team Dynamix): Scariest is the unknown, unknowable aspect… but it’s exciting as well.  The best thing about it is being able to perform on the biggest stage against the best competitors and get to see all of the hard work that was put in, pay off.
  • Becca (Team Dynamix): The scariest thing about competing in the games is not letting anyone down. The best, MAKING IT! 
  • Kayla (Diablo): Scariest is letting my team down. Not being able to perform when its most important or my body not being able to keep up with the demands of competition.  The best pat is having our community there (and at at home) cheering for us. Being on the big stage with my team and giving everything that we have for eachother. Leaving it all out there and knowing and trusting in one another. And seeing it pay off in the end with whatever placing we get.
  • Kyle K (Diablo): Scariest thing is failure. But at the same time that is the biggest source of motivation. It’s up to me to let it drive me or crush me.

The EPIC team is so grateful to fuel athletes that share both our values in food and our spirit in life. Diablo CrossFit and Team Dynamix, the EPIC wolfpack will be cheering hard this week as y'all crush worms, water, and whatever else the Games throws your way!


Don't forget to follow these teams on Instagram as they crush the Crossfit Games this week!

Diablo CrossFit @diablocompteam

Team Dynamix @teamdynamix2016

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