General Mills Acquires EPIC Bar by Robb Wolf

Hey folks-

Just wanted to drop a quick note about some amazing news: EPIC Bar, which has been an incredible supporter of the Ancestral Health scene and the Savory Institute, has been acquired by General Mills.If you are unfamiliar with EPIC, that news piece does a good job of describing who and what they are:

The company, started in 2013 by Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest, created a new snack category by incorporating meat into snack bars. They focused on acquiring meat from animals that were grass-fed and pasture-raised, then packaged it with fruit and flavor combinations that hadn’t been seen.

The EPIC folks “got” the sustainability story from the beginning. I think I may have made the first introduction between EPIC and the Savory Institute, and EPIC has been a huge supporter of all their efforts. EPIC has provided a product and a venue to take grassfed meat and get it to “the masses” while also supporting the regenerative food production concept embodied by the Savory Institute. That is truly amazing.

general mills and epic bar

Reactions to this event have generally been positive, but there are some who use terms like “sell-out” and “greedy” on the parts of the EPIC folks. I’ve talked with Taylor and Katie and my understanding is that this acquisition will only improve their ability to support efforts like the Savory Institute and sustainable food production. I’m doing a special podcast with them to talk about the details, stay tuned for that. Before folks pull out the pitchforks on what should be a celebratory event I’d like you to consider a few things:

1) If you really believe in the ideas underpinning Ancestral health and regenerative agriculture and if you want these ideas to actually matter and affect change on a global scale, something, somewhere, sometime has to “get big.” We have all done a great job of building a grassroots, decentralized system, but it’s in it’s infancy and getting the muscle that a General Mills could bring to this topic is important.

2) Even though it is en vogue to criticise anything and everything related to corporations and “Big Business” these entities are not dumb. The writing is on the wall with regards to our current food production system…it ain’t gonna last in it’s current incarnation. I’ve known this for a long time and folks who look at these problems with an eye towards systems thinking and economics arrive at the same conclusion. What is going to be hard for many of you to square cognitively is that businesses, both big and small, will find ways of (egads!) “making a profit” while driving towards a sustainable future. Not trying to be a dick here, but for some folks this idea will confound them with such cognitive dissonance that they may spontaneously combust. A few large oil companies have looked at the Savory Institute and are incredibly interested in them for what they represent with regards to carbon sequestration (which is a potential profit center for these companies). Someday, some kind of deal will be struck between the SI and a large oil company (for starters). Some will see this for what it is: An amazing opportunity and a ray of hope that did not exist a decade earlier. Others will cultivate some kind of emotional response, because, you know, “big oil.”

general mills and epic bar

Let’s say for a moment however that I’m wrong about that. Let’s say that General Mills is going to screw this up in some way. Well, in that case we have a story of two young entrepreneurs who took on enormous risk, worked their asses off and have garnered a good bit of success in the process. If you can concoct a story in your head in which Taylor and Katie are bad people for working their asses off and being successful…well….

Let’s celebrate this success and give this amazing opportunity the EPIC love and attention it deserves.

general mills and epic bar

Guest blog provided by Robb Wolf. 

Robb Wolf is the author of The Paleo Solution, and a is a former research biochemist and one of the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition. Wolf has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world via his top ranked iTunes podcast and wildly popular seminar series.This post originally appeared on

2 days after this blog was first published Katie and Taylor were featured on a special edition of The Paleo Solution Podcast to talk about General Mills and EPIC bar. Listen to a more in-depth perspective about this merger and a sneak peak of what is to come with EPIC on the podcast!

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