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EPIC Tribe,

From the beginning, Katie and I have believed that EPIC was destined to change the world. Our fearless team has worked relentlessly over the past 3 years to see this vision become a reality and as a result, our company has positively impacted how animals are raised, grasslands are managed, and has increased the availability of nourishing animal protein to consumers.

Throughout this journey we have been fortunate to partner with amazing people who share our vision. Our small group of investors believed in Katie and I and wanted nothing more than to be a part of this food revolution. Our employees are thoroughbreds that love crushing life, and our customers are visionaries who have voted with their dollars for change in the food industry. Katie and I feel incredibly grateful to have such inspiring people in our lives and unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to create a business that is a catalyst for change.

Our wolf pack is united by a shared passion for creating positive impact in the world. We operate fearlessly with our heads down and always listening to our instincts. Our collective goal has always been to create meaningful impact inside the food industry, change the way animals are raised, and enrich the land upon which we depend.  We work relentlessly to scale our efforts because we believe that the time for change is NOW.

EPIC co-founders Taylor and Katie standing in the EPIC office

From the start, Katie and I said that we would grow EPIC as large as we could and as fast as possible while adhering to our fundamental principles. Along the way, we have said that if we found a strategic partner that was in alignment with our vision, values, and mission we would consider selling the company. By doing so, we would allow EPIC to have an exponentially larger impact. Today, we are excited to announce we have found a partner that believes in our mission, shares our vision, and is committed to allowing Katie and I to continue leading EPIC while adhering to our foundational values. EPIC is being acquired by General Mills.

Throughout this process, we have had the pleasure of becoming friends with the visionary John Foraker, Annie’s President and many other executives inside General Mills. John is a true leader in this food revolution and a role model to both Katie and I. John has continued creating meaningful impact since General Mills acquired Annie’s a year ago and has positively influenced the corporate culture as evidenced by General Mills decision to purchase a mission driven company like EPIC.

EPIC will continue to be “wild and free”  and headquartered out of Austin, TX. The company will continue to be led by Katie and I, and all of our employees are onboard for the next chapter in our journey. We will continue to be fearless, wear flip-flops to board meetings, and have Viking haircuts.

EPIC team in funny poses in front of van

Our decision to sell EPIC to General Mills will exponentially influence large-scale grassland restoration, further create a need for pasture raised animals, as well as increase the availability of our nourishing food to consumers. This acquisition represents real change in how big food thinks. Our greatest hope is that the continued success of EPIC serves as a catalyst for other large food companies to invest in young, passionate, mission driven brands like EPIC. By integrating disruptive companies and learning from young entrepreneurs, big food business like General Mills can leverage financial and operational resources to create tangible and measurable change. This is real influence that will actually move the needle on how our food industry can positively impact the world on which we depend. This acquisition is NOT about General Mills changing EPIC, but rather EPIC changing General Mills.

Moving forward, you can expect that Katie and I will be leveraging more resources, time, and money into the efforts of The Savory Institute and grassland regeneration. You can also count on us operating with the same industry leading quality, integrity, and morals.

We hope that you can see “the big picture” and understand why we made the conscious decision to partner with General Mills. Your support through this transition would be forever appreciated and a vote for believing in Katie and I.

We ask that you do three things for us:

  1. Stay Passionate. 
  2. Continue to support and trust us.
  3. Hold us accountable to our commitments of providing consumers nourishing food that values the importance of animal welfare and land regeneration. 

Listen to what we say and watch what we do. If we compromise on any of our products or stray from our founding values, hold us accountable. Be fearless and remember that it takes courage to change the world. Onwards to large-scale land regeneration, improved animal welfare, and the prosperous health of our beloved consumers!

From the heart,
Taylor and Katie


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