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How to Stick With Your 2019 Goals

How to Stick With Your 2019 Goals

A new year brings a lot of desire to make big changes. Oftentimes, we start strong only to find ourselves giving up or losing track of the goals we were so excited about the first week of January. Because progress is fun and we want you to live your best life, try out these tips for resolutions that will last all year long.


1. Create attainable goals. If you’re not even a week into the new year and already feeling overwhelmed by the resolutions you’ve set, change them now. It’s much better to revise your goals (even if it means making them seemingly less noteworthy) than to give up entirely before January has ended. Use the first week or two of the new year to reflect on the past year and determine some things you want to pursue in the new year that feel both exciting and achievable.

2. Plan. Once you’ve set your goals, make a plan for their actualization. Map out a timeline for the year that includes steps for each day, week, and/or month that are needed to achieve the end result by year end. When crafting this timeline, keep in mind that life fluctuates with work, travel, and family matters. Make room for this in your plan, while also including concrete ways you can avoid slip-ups (i.e. packing healthy snacks during travel if you’re following a special diet).


3. Focus on present. Once you’ve made a plan you feel good about, try to take things day by day so you don’t start feeling overwhelmed. What do you need to do today to make progress toward your goal (hint: sometime that will be resting). Check off any daily activities each day that contribute to your long-term goal — before you know it they’ll be habits.

4. Find a partner. It’s easier to stay on track if you have someone holding you accountable. Find a running buddy who you meet every week or a co-worker who wants to embark on a #JanuaryWhole30 with you. Many of us have a harder time letting someone else down than ourselves.


5. Don’t give up. If you do end up getting off plan, don’t use this as an excuse to give up completely on your goals. For example, if you get sick and don’t make your four gym sessions, that’s 100% okay. Just start back up the next week.

6. Make it fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy the process, and give yourself little rewards along the way as you achieve milestones on your timeline. For example, if you meditate every day for the first month, buy yourself a new meditation cushion. Enjoying the process and appreciating your successes along the way will keep up momentum for the year.


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