Introducing the 2018 Impact Journal by Liz Harroun

Our second annual Impact Journal has officially been released! With fifteen thought-provoking stories and compelling photography, this 112-page publication explores transparent food production, regenerative agriculture, humane hunting, positive ecological impact, conscious consumerism, ancestral nutrition, and more.

This book is an ode to the people, animals, and principals that make the regeneration of the land possible. This year, we invited contributors to make it even more educational and provocative. Content ranges from a raw photo series on hunting to a delicious ancestral recipe—both of which promote more animal utilization and appreciation.

This is not a marketing brochure or a corporate sustainability report. Rather, it’s an educational passion project we offer to our community and beyond—to people who are interested in revolutionizing the food industry, one victory at a time. We feature the bold initiatives, people, and science spearheading this revolution with hopes to inspire others to take action.


The stories in this year’s Impact Journal will foster a greater appreciation for the land and animals that sustains us. To get a copy for yourself, simply place an order on, and we will ship one along with your products. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we come together to demand more transparency and positive change within the food industry. Your efforts and activism help protect the health of our planet and future generations.


*Unfortunately, we cannot ship our journals internationally. If you are living abroad and would like a copy, please email!


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