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Austin, TX is most notoriously known for hosting large scale musical festivals like South by Southwest and ACL. Although great for the local economy, these events have evolved into a single traffic jam that extends throughout the entire city and therefore not my favorite.


Less known events that Austin hosts include the Zilker Kite Fest (largest kite festival in the world), the Cowboy Cookoff (lots of cowboys and lots of bacon), and Eeyores Birthday Party (the donkey from Winnie the Poo- insane)... all wonderful events, but nothing like Paleo FX!


How cool is it that one of the largest and most prestigious paleo conferences in the world just happens to be less than 1 mile from the EPIC world headquarters?!? Seems like fate. Not only did we meet people from across the world, but the conference was attending by the leading authors, researchers, and intellectuals driving the quickly evolving paleolithic movement! As an official exhibitor, I have never been to a conference that was more genuine, uniting, and productive as Paleo FX. As a hometown hero, the EPIC tribe came out in full force and did what we do best... be EPIC.


Asides from meeting a ridiculous amount of paleo world superstars and celebrities, we had the opportunity to have numerous meaningful discussions with amazing conference attendees. As far as conferences go, I have never meet such a mass concentration of healthy and intelligent folks. I felt as if I was surrounded by super humans. Its probably because I was.


As far as the EPIC booth and sampling area... it was impossible to miss. In typical EPIC style, we set up one of the most stunning displays of the show. We also sampled a ton of bars and took official show pre-orders (with a pretty awesome show special- Free shipping and 15% off!). The response was amazing! We went through around 800 EPIC bars at the show! Crowd favorite??? Not too surprising here... the Bison Bacon Cranberry bar stole the show. It commonly referred to as the "Bacon bar" because these paleo peps are obsessed with bacon. And for good reason... its a magical tasting cut of meat that seems to fix most problems in life.


We had a terrific show, took tons of pre-orders, and gave out 20 pounds of bacon as a contest!


This week we are finishing up running our first full production run of EPIC bars! Those who ordered at the show will be getting an EPIC surprise in their mailboxes next week!


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