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ROAM Ranch is Hiring!

ROAM Ranch is Hiring!

For years, we have dreamt about owning a space reserved for EPIC’s ideals. A place of serenity, calm, regrowth, and natural connection. After countless hours of planning and finger-crossing, our dreams have become a reality. One year ago we purchased ROAM Ranch!

In efforts to further develop our understanding of the regenerative land management principles on which EPIC was founded, ROAM Ranch has become our in-house regenerative field experiment. The property is a living and breathing organism that encompasses all of our values and missions. Located in the heart of the majestic Texas Hill Country, ROAM sits on 450 acres of farmable river bottom land on the outskirts of Fredericksburg, TX. Like much of the world, this once-fertile region has been industrially farmed for the past 100 years. Consequently, it is seriously degraded from a combination of mineral extraction, overgrazing, the introduction of monoculture, and biodiversity loss. As a result, upon purchase ROAM was hardly capable of being a wildlife habitat, a productive farm, ranch, or recreational area. Land in this condition is often deemed "unsalvageable" and in many circumstances further degenerates with rest—but we are in the process of proving otherwise.

By introducing livestock and fostering crucial wildlife relationships, it is our goal to take the property from its current degenerated state and heal its soil, produce nourishing food, and provide optimal living environments for animals. In doing so, we will regenerate the land and create a net positive impact that exceeds our local community. Particularly, we want to prove that properly managed animal impact has the ability to sequester carbon from the earth’s atmosphere and store it where it belongs—in the soil. Our experiment is still in its infancy, but we hope to inspire a new generation of farmers and ranchers to join us in our efforts to reverse desertification and provide a viable solution to healing our lands and reversing climate change. The food revolution needs a home base, after all. 

That’s where you come in! We are currently seeking a full-time/onsite ranch manager to accelerate our vision. Amongst other tasks, the onsite ranch manager is responsible for the health of bison, poultry, wildlife, honey bees, and the millions of microbial bacteria living underneath the soil. You must be reliable, a good communicator, responsible, and have farm experience. To be successful in this role you must be driven, passionate, organized, and a self-initiator. To learn more about the position please send cover letters and resumes to



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