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Welcome to EPIC!

Welcome to EPIC!

With the recent surge in media impressions, increased accessibility of our products, and swell of new consumers joining the food revolution, we wanted to share a bit with you about the roots of our company as well as the direction we are headed. 

EPIC was founded in 2014 by my wife (Katie) and I, following a vegetarian phase that resulted in our bodies breaking down due to lack of high quality animal protein, vitamins, and healthy fats. Those pre-EPIC days were based on inaccurate beliefs that plant based diets were best for human health and the wellbeing of our planet. When I reflect on that point in time (“The Dark Ages”), I recall shelf stable meat products as being full of preservatives, no emphasis on sourcing standards, and a texture that was nearly impossible to digest. At that time opting out of an omnivore diet meant that Katie and I would not be supporting industrial meat production (feedlots, antibiotics, and land degeneration). Little did we know that opting out of a food system was the worst thing we could do for our bodies, the way animals are raised, and the way land is managed.

Our first company value serves as a guiding principle to always strive to do good. “Feed others as you wish to be fed” means producing food that is good enough to feed our families, friends, and customers. This idea is deeply ingrained in our company culture and a catalyst for the dramatic changes that EPIC has driven in the food system. Through industry pioneering sourcing, EPIC has produced the highest quality meat products of any consumer packaged goods company in history. In just a few short years we have converted supply chains of grain fed bison and beef, incentivized the discontinued use of antibiotics in poultry, provided full transparency into our sourcing, and educated ranchers on land management practices that go well beyond “sustainable”. 


We couldn’t have made such an incredible positive impact on the planet without the support of our early partners. Within the natural food industry, we have received tremendous support from Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Thrive, Amazon, and a handful of independent grocery stores. These early believers changed the course of history by stocking their shelves with grass fed, pasture raised, and antibiotic free EPIC products. This new accessibility to “clean meat” marked the first time that consumers became empowered to vote with their dollars for which type of meat production they wanted to support. Overnight EPIC became a top selling product and our mission to create positive environmental change through animal management a reality.  Within more conventional grocery chains, folks like Wegmans, Wakefern, HyVee, and HEB took a chance on a young brand with zero footprint outside of natural food.  Their courage was rewarded as consumers recognized their forward thinking and progress.

Over the last few weeks we have introduced the EPIC brand and mission to a large new audience that is poised to further accelerate our companies mission. Following a huge Kroger marketing promotion and being featured twice on the Today Show, EPIC has had over 10 million media impressions within a week! Katie and I are blown away by the tremendous momentum we are creating and overly optimistic about opening our brand to a mainstream audience. We are reminded daily that there can be no consumer revolution without the consumer, and as our company is able to prove mainstream success, we are on the verge of creating the biggest positive impact in our history! 

We have always operated our business with a Triple Bottom Line accounting framework that prioritizes PLANET, PEOPLE, and PROFITABILITY. Our ability to convert supply chains, positively influence land management standards, and create the most nourishing food on the planet is intimately tied to our consumer demand. Every time a consumer purchases an EPIC product they are casting a ballot for a brighter future that promotes resilience, prosperity, and health for the earth.


So if you’re new to EPIC, welcome to our wolf pack. We are excited to have your support as a pivotal part of this food revolution. As a “conscious carnivore” we wanted to provide you with a few links that will further explain our mission and how important you are in this journey. We are stronger together, and stronger than ever!






5. The Story of Bison

6. Roam Ranch: An Invitation



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