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There is no question that the most important thing you can do when you are pregnant is be mindful about what you eat. The impact of food you consume can have a lasting effect on the growing life inside you. As a result, one of the most responsible decisions you can make during pregnancy is following a whole foods diet that nurtures the development of your child and optimizes the ability of your baby to kick ass at life.


For the first time in the history of our company we have two employees that have "babies in the oven!" These unborn cubs are the next generation of the EPIC wolfpack and will one day develop into champion adults destined to positively impact the world. To maximize the healthy development of these babies, EPIC has created one of the most convenient and nourishing snacks that a pregnant women could possibly consume... 100% Grass Fed Liver Jerky!

The single most nourishing food that a pregnant women can eat is high quality liver. Grass fed liver dominates conventional prenatal vitamins in a whole food format that our body understands and readily absorbs. The list of unique and essential minerals and vitamins found in liver is a catalyst for biohacking your pregnancy and having super babies. Here is how it works...

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for a healthy pregnancy and grass fed liver is unquestionably the richest source found in food. The primary function of vitamin A is healthy organ development in the rapidly growing fetus. High levels of this vitamin most critically effect the development of the central nervous system, the circulatory system, and the development of the skull and skeletal system. When vitamin A is deficient during pregnancy, the development of these systems are altered and can cause lasting impacts during continued maturation.


Choline is a champion nutrient found in liver. In fact, grass fed liver contains more choline than any other food! Choline is crucial for the development of a healthy brain and central nervous system. Its brain-boosting properties establishes a foundation in which your baby's ability to learn and remember are optimized. High amounts of choline also may help prevent neural tube defects as well as mental illness!

Grass fed liver is one of the only sources of vitamin K2 on the planet! This elusive vitamin has the primary purpose of mobilizing calcium to the right places inside your growing baby's body. Additionally, as a fat soluble vitamin, K works symbiotically with vitamins A, D, and E! Since grass fed liver is packed with all of these, you get a perfect whole food source that is proportioned as perfectly as nature intended.


For those who are still not completely convinced that liver is a superfood packed with incredible baby boosting vitamins, lets talk about its powerful enzymes! Specifically one called CoQ10. This powerhouse enzyme helps your body produce energy and acts as a potent anti-fatigue agent. CoQ10 is particularly important for pregnant women because it provides a safe and natural energy boost during a period in which a considerable amount of energy is going towards the developing fetus.

In continued efforts to create wholesome snacks while staying true to our golden rule (feed others as you wish to be fed), EPIC's new Beef Liver Jerky is a game-changing snack that is perfect for pregnant women as well as women preparing their bodies for pregnancy.

Head over to and pick yours up today. Your body will be forever thankful and the superhuman baby which enters the world will be equipped to crush life. Eat EPIC!



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