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Every single day we are faced with decisions that will not only impact our path in life, but also effect the world around us. Some decisions are tough and we can get caught being indecisive, or worse, letting others decide for us; choosing where to go to school, selecting a career, or starting a family. Strangely, decisions with equally important impact on our lives can sometimes be easy to make; what foods to eat, where to travel, or who you choose to fall in love with.

This begs the question that if all decisions, both big and small, equally shape our legacy in this life, why are some difficult and others easy? I would argue that "easy decisions" are dictated internally by following our heart whereas "difficult decisions" are guided through external mechanisms.


Katie and I have had to make some big decisions over the last few years that have significantly impacted our lives as well as the world around us. Through starting our own business we have discovered the value of listening to our instinct. Instinct is a powerful evolutionary tool that lies deep within each of us. For me, instinct is a combination of following my heart and checking in with my gut.

Since the inception of EPIC Provisions we have grown our business while being guided by our hearts. The quality standards of our products, our commitment to sourcing humanely treated animals, and our value on regenerating grasslands are near and dear to us. Additionally, the people in which we choose to bring into the business (employees, customers, and investors) all share our passion and have passed our "instinct" test. This has created a tight knit family that we endearingly refer to as "The Wolf Pack". Collectively the EPIC Wolf Pack moves together while supporting one another, changing the landscape of food, and like a wild wolf, leading with instinct.


The act of making decisions guided by our heart is a powerful tool that helps us stay authentic, engaged, and passionate about running our company. When challenged with decisions that seem difficult, try listening to your heart more often. Whether related to business, finding a soul mate, or just kicking ass at life, listening to your heart is an EPIC way to thrive!

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