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Introducing Beef Liver Jerky!

Introducing Beef Liver Jerky!

Party people, I have never been more excited to introduce a new EPIC product than our Beef Liver Jerky Bites! For this reason, I am devoting an entire blog to share my joy with the world. You can quote me directly on the next paragraph...

This is the best tasting and most nourishing product we have ever created. I highly encourage you to get down with this immediately. It's truly my personal go to snack when I feel like riding into the storm... and it never let's me down.


Our new Beef Liver Jerky Bites combine 100% grass fed liver with beef, sea salt, and cracked pepper. Its a simple recipe that focuses on highlighting the complex nourishing properties of high quality animal protein and organ meat. The inspiration behind the development of this recipe started with a question that I asked Katie a few months ago, "What if we created an organ meat product that was rich in nutrients but not overly "organ tasting"? Something that a little kid would LOVE to eat? A recipe that was mass friendly and rich in flavor? Wouldn't that be EPIC?"

Over the last few months, we have been crushing prototype versions of this jerky and working to dial in the final formula! I recently used this product prior to a 25km trail race and felt stronger and more powerful than any event I have competed in within the last year. My energy was sustained, I was fully satiated, and strong enough to take home a first place finish. This will surly be my new pre-race food that equates to a physiological nitro booster when it comes to performance. Im proud to stay, we stuck the landing on this product.


For those of us who commit to improving our diets in order to maximize health, longevity, and happiness, EPIC has you covered. Grass Fed beef liver is by far the most important organ meat you should be eating. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence, and contains many nutrients that are difficult to get elsewhere. Boasting an impressive 20g of grass fed animal protein, 60% DV of Vitamin A, 180% of Vitamin B12, 15% of Phosphorus, and 90% DV of Copper, our Beef Liver Jerky Bites are guaranteed to fuel your body and inspire your most EPIC adventures.

By eating more organ meats, you are nourishing your body with one of the most powerful super-foods in existence. By doing so, you are establishing a foundation to enrich your own diet and maximize your ass kicking imprint on the world! Live EPIC, eat EPIC.

The EPIC Grass Fed Beef Liver Jerky Bites are sold exclusively online at:


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