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Since our company’s inception, we’ve made reviving our planet’s eroding grasslands and vital soils our top priorities. With aid from our incredible suppliers, guidance from the Savory Institute — the global leader in holistic management, improving soil health, and grassland restoration — and support from the thousand of conscious consumers who have helped further these causes, we’ve made unbelievable progress in furthering these missions. Now, EPIC is personally aiming to impact 10,000 acres of land through Savory’s Season of Grazing campaign. But we need your help!

The Season of Grazing campaign is an effort to give back to our planet this holiday season. This project aligns with our company on so many levels, especially its goal to direct our dollars towards worthwhile causes this holiday season rather than indulging in over consumption or frivolous spending. That’s why we’re asking you to help us reach our personal goal of raising $3,000 worth of donations, which will help the Savory Institute directly influence 10,000 acres — equivalent to about 2/3 of all of Manhattan! It sounds like a big goal, but think of it this way: you can personally impact 100 acres of land with just $30.00.

Here are a couple few more reasons why you should consider giving today:

  • We’re sending a free 2017 EPIC Impact Journal to anyone who makes a donation, regardless of the dollar amount donated!*
  • Every donation is fully tax deductible.
  • We’re going to give everyone who donated a personal shoutout in one of our next blogs as a major thank you for helping us restore acres and acres of grasslands.


This is a huge opportunity, y’all. This is our chance to directly give back to Mother Earth this holiday season and ensure our soils are better, stronger, and healthier than they’ve ever been. Together, we can prove conscious consumerism, regenerative agriculture, and ecologically-responsible companies truly do run the world. Thanks for your support, here. Every dollar counts.

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