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A few weeks ago, I walked into EPIC’s headquarters and was greeted by a sight that can ony be described as majestic. 

In front of me stood a giant fridge packed from top to bottom with meat of all cuts and protein varieties, along with their corresponding (and shockingly affordable) prices for purchase. Bison burgers, venison sausage, turkey legs, pasture-raised chicken breasts, grass-fed beef, bull testicles — this thing had it all. The best part? Every single ounce of protein in front of me was raised using holistic management techniques that help revive damaged lands and regenerate soils for future generations. Welcome to the EPIC meat market, y’all.

Freezer stocked with pasture-raised and grass-fed meats

The regenerative meat market isn’t just a piece of decoration: it’s emblematic of our mission to link family-run ranches directly with conscious consumers. Just as they created EPIC to give consumers healthier on-the-go protein options, our founders put this together to ensure every one of our employees has access to responsibly-raised, high-quality animal proteins at fair prices. And thanks to the incredible pasture-to-door delivery services that our top partners provides — including White Oak Pastures Northstar Bison, and ML Farms — you can get regenerative meat brought straight to your door, too!

To make this as simple as possible, we’ve listed out the top three producers who will deliver anything from grass-fed beef and lamb to pasture-raised turkey and chicken straight to your door. Each of these operations are honest, treat their animals humanely, and provide a hell of a good price for their meat. They’re also in our company meat market. Check ‘em out!


          1)  White Oak Pastures — Bluffton, GA

“We make food for people who give a shit.” — Will Harris, 4th-generation rancher        

White Oak is an 150-year-old, fifth-generation family farm located in rural Georgia. The farm is home to 11 different species of animals — including chickens, turkeys, ducks, cows, sheep, and goats — all of which are pasture-raised. Operated by Will Harris and his daughters Jenni and Jodi, the farm is living proof that large-scale regenerative agriculture can restore impoverished communities, feed a growing population, and sequester large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

The Harris family has built an on-site abattoir and their animals are both born and harvested on the farm. In addition to being the most important regenerative farm in the United States, White Oak is a sanctuary for endangered bald eagles, an educational facility for young farmers, and EPIC’s closest supplier. In 2017, we are planning to source roughly 500,000 pounds of regenerative beef from them! We’ll make sure to leave a few pounds there in case you’d like to order some for yourself.

Follow the links below to check out their online store:



2) Northstar Bison — Rice Lake, WI

Northstar is a 23-year-old, family-owned and operated, vertically-integrated ranch. The ranch consists of 1200 acres of grasslands in Northwest Wisconsin and East-Central Minnesota, where approximately 2000 bison are grazed under Holistic Resource Management Principles.

The Graese family is at the forefront of EPIC’s mission to rapidly expand the supply chain of 100% grass-fed bison and is currently managing over 1,000 animals earmarked for our products. In addition to being thought leaders and trendsetters in the bison community, Northstar has created a unique field harvest method that is the apex of industry-leading animal welfare practices.

Click here to check out to browse their e-store and get your hands on some 100% grass-fed bison, lamb, pastured pork, pasture-raised chicken and turkeys, and more!


 3) ML Farms — Mason, Texas

ML Farms is a sixth-generation family ranch with over 100 years of continuous operation. As of this year, the ranch has become Texas’ first Savory Institute Hub and a pioneer in the Land-To-Market Program, which EPIC is piloting. Among many stunning attributes, Chad Lemke and his family raise their 100% Certified Grass-Fed beef, lamb, goat, and pastured pork in accordance to each species’ evolutionary diet. The ranch is certified by the American Grassfed Association, as well as the Global Animal Partnership.

From beef and lamb variety packs to custom orders, ML has it all here!


Man pulling out some meat from the freezer

Regardless of where you are, you deserve to have access to meat that’s humanely-raised, heals the land it’s produced on, and supports farmers and ranchers who are doing things right. And with top-notch operations offering online ordering, incredible customer service, and the highest quality meat around, now is the time to nourish yourself and your family with regenerative meat.

So what are you waiting for? Place your first order with one of these fine producers and get some pasture-to-door animal protein delivered straight to your home today.

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