Most people associate the term "superfoods" with high quality plant based ingredients that have high ANDI scores. Leafy greens such as organic kale, exotic seeds and fruit like chia and acai are all iconic superfoods. These ingredients are fantastic for their time tested health properties and deep rooted cultural significance and for these reasons we consume them on a regular basis.


However, with all things EPIC, we want to help expand and guide a shift in consumer's perception of superfood ingredients. Most near and dear to our heart is the redemption of the noble pastured animal. This is often provocative and counter to what popular culture and governmental health organizations advocate, but if you are reading this blog, I assume that you are already ahead of the curve. As an early adopter to recognizing the true value of animal based nutrition, we encourage YOU to start referring to high quality, pasture raised animal meat as a "superfood". Its a simple statement that is shockingly absent and incredibly powerful.


With the creation of our new Beef Liver Bar, we stand proud with our claim to have produced the world's most nutrient dense protein/snack bar ever created! The health properties of grass fed beef liver are above and beyond other foods that we all recognize as essential for a healthy life. Organ meats and other muscle cuts from grass fed animals are undisputedly rich in vitamins, minerals, and health fats. For this reason lets smash our perception and expand the definition of "superfoods". The new EPIC Beef Liver Bar is sold exclusively at epicbar.com and our independent retail accounts. Onwards to EPIC health and wellness!


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