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 When Katie and I started EPIC Provisions we made a commitment to create nourishing food that we could feed our friends, families, and employees. This golden rule is found within every single EPIC product that you consume and continues to guide our innovation pipeline as the business grows. Each product that we make at EPIC has a special place in our own lives and fills a personal need in our diet. All product decisions are checked against our own moral compass and new product development is more of a journey than a destination. We have never performed consumer research, hired a recipe developer, or launched products to capitalize on a market opportunity. Instead, we trust our instincts, keep ingredients simple, and create nutrient dense food for carnivores with a conscience. 


One of our largest initiatives in 2016 was a commitment we call “The Whole Animal Project”. The foundation is simple; using more of the animal not only reduces our own waste, but better honors the brilliant animals that EPIC sources. As we get better at utilizing the animal, EPIC has a stronger ability to incentivize ranchers to raising these majestic creatures more humanely and and with higher standards. This “nose to tail” commitment is gaining traction in boutique and high end restaurants, but until now has ceased to exist in consumer packaged goods. We are obsessed with “The Whole Animal Project” because it is changing how consumers eat, how animals are raised, and how business can positively impact the planet. This year EPIC has launched organ meat jerky, a product line of traditional animal cooking oils, and a line of ready to drink bone broth! All living examples of “nose to tail” eating and some of the most nourishing food found on grocery shelves.

In spirit of “The Whole Animal Project” and consistent with our founding principles of “Feeding others as you wish to be fed”, we are thrilled to launch our new line of Pork Skins
EPIC Pork Skins are a wholesome and clean version of an iconic American snack food and created using traditional methods inspired by our grandparents generation. High quality pork and simple seasonings are the foundation for this tasty and nourishing approach to creating enchanting food that is both time tested and trusted by consumers. A premium pork skin compared to your gas station variety, EPIC sources a combination of organic, pastured, non-gmo, and antibiotic free skins. With high levels of protein and collagen, this low carb snack is paleo friendly, preservative free, and low carb!
This unbelievably addicting snack comes in 3 flavors which includes a Texas inspired BBQ Rind, a Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Rind, and a Maple Bacon Crackling! All three are guaranteed to satisfy your healthy snacking needs and overwhelm your sensory receptors with what we call “bacon lust”. 
The new pork skins are available in September nationally at Whole Foods Market and Natural Grocers. You can also purchase them on our website! We are happy to liberate lovers of pork skins from feeling shame and even happier to teleport consumers to enlightened levels of “bacon lust”. Domination!
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We are currently offering 25% off EPIC Animal Fats, Bone Broth, Pork Skins, and Topper Bits. Plus free shipping on any order over $20.00. The discount + free shipping are applied automatically at check-out.


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