We’ve got your ideal soundtrack for the solar eclipse party as we chat with Planeteer, Judith Schwartz (that makes her Gi for all you Captain Planet fans). Judith’s first book, “Cows Save the Planet,” is required reading for all new EPIC employees, so we’re honored to have her come on to talk about her latest book, “Water In Plain Sight.”  Listen in as we dive into a number of compelling topics, including the current challenges our environment is facing today and how almost all of them can be traced back to our land's inability to hold and retain water.  We also touch on…


Photo by Tony Eprile 

  • Why our economy encourages environmental destruction vs. protection
  • How the design of modern cities has created ideal conditions for drought
  • The impact of supporting local vs. global economies
  • What you can do to help improve and restore our ecology


For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we talk to our Warehouse Manager, Steve Huish.  When Steve’s not rapping about Thrift Shops, he’s ensuring your EPIC product—the most precious cargo of all—is delivered safe, sound, and on time. He and I talk about the challenge of running a warehouse for a fast growing company, how he’s helped build the EPIC culture there, and how working at EPIC has impacted his and his family’s health.  

Listen all the way to the end to for a once-in-a-decade Meatcast/Eclipse offer!


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