Today we’ve got your typical Marine sniper turned accountant turned chicken farmer, Paul Grieve from Pasture Bird. Beyond his incredible story, Paul is an amazing resource on the complications of raising chickens and why doing it right is such a delicate process. There’s no  better person to explore the intricacies of a single animal species than him!


Paul and I discuss….

  • How he founded Pasture Bird and landed the Los Angeles Lakers as his first customer
  • Diving deep on our existing chicken supply chain and why pastured poultry is so incredibly rare
  • Every stage of raising chickens from breeds, to feed, to slaughter and how Pasture Bird is doing things differently each step of the way


For this week’s INSIDE EPIC segment, we talk with our first sales employee ever, Martha Siskron.  Without a sales team, EPIC products never make it to your store shelves — and for our early years, Martha was EPIC’s sales team.  Now she’s responsible for getting you EPIC where you least expect it (but so desperately need it!). If you’ve come across our products at an airport, convenience store, or in a vending machine, thank Martha: that’s where she works her magic!

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