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We’re beyond excited to bring you the caveman himself, Robb Wolf, for Episode 2 of the Meatcast! While Robb may not be the Danny Tanner of the Paleo family, he might be Uncle Jesse—our most beloved and popular relative.


Honestly, you probably wouldn’t be reading my words here or hearing my voice on the Meatcast without Robb. His blog, his podcast, and his New York Times Best Seller, The Paleo Solution, all played a pivotal role in my adoption of a “paleo” lifestyle in 2012.  The paleo community has evolved quite a bit since then, so I was stoked when I learned Robb had written his newest book, Wired to Eat. We cover a ton of compelling talking points during our interview, including the evolution from The Paleo Solution to Wired to Eat, along with:

  • The path that led him to write The Paleo Solution
  • Why it's necessary to take a personalized approach to nutrition and the tools to start
  • How to juggle nutrition in the context of life (family, work, etc.)
  • His unique approach to Brazilian JuJitsu and how any of us can apply it
  • A peek at his next big project
  • Robb ranks his meats and reveals a legit liver recipe

We’re also pumped to introduce you to Cory, a member of our EPIC Warewolves team (our warehouse champions). Listen in as he explains his role in ensuring our trade-show booth is always EPIC AF and tells us the weirdest gift he’s received from the sales team. Don’t miss out on this incredible behind-the-scenes look at one of our best!


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Music By: Broke For Free and Blank & Kytt



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