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“Why,” my mom asks, laughing and staring at the steak in my fridge, “does this cow live a better life than I do?"  I’ve tried to explain to her the difference between conventional and grass-fed meat, expounded on the benefits to human and environmental health.  To my parents, though, who’s most memorable American meal remains their first ham sandwich at the refugee camp 40 years ago, it's hard to see natural and organic foods as anything more than a luxury for few.


Our guest on the Meatcast for Episode 3, John Foraker, is leading the charge to change that. For years, he has has been fighting to democratize organic and grow access so that it’s not just a luxury afforded by the few. John is the president and CEO of Annie’s, one of the largest natural food brands, and one you can find in any grocery store, from Whole Foods, to Target, to Kroger.  During our conversation, we explore his journey with Annie’s from family business, to publicly traded company, to being acquired for $800M+.  We also discuss his mentorship of other food startups, his role in the courtship of EPIC by General Mills, and how he believes company leaders can and should be speaking directly with their consumers via social media.  For fans of EPIC and our mission, it's a chance to hear from an incredibly unique leader and pioneer in our industry.

This week’s Inside EPIC is a special treat as we take y'all behind the scenes to answer two important questions: How the hell did we come up with the idea for a Placenta Bar? And just as importantly, how did our team members reach when they found out? I recorded it all so we could share those unforgettable and ridiculous moments directly with you!

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