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Meatcast - Episode 36

Meatcast - Episode 36


This week, we talk to two-time CrossFit Games champion and co-founder of Brute Strength, Michael Cazayoux. Besides being an accomplished athlete, Michael has helped create a thriving coaching business with Brute Strength that coaches both elite CrossFit Games competitors and common folks like you and me. They also put out a ton of free training and wellness content, and their Brute Strength podcast just hit three million downloads!  

Michael’s journey to success was far from conventional and during our interview we touch on...

  • His journey from addiction to CrossFit Games champion to entrepreneur
  • Why all Brute athletes, elite or not, prioritize training their minds above all else
  • The biggest mistake he’s made as a coach
  • How his battle with drug addiction became his biggest source of strength

This episode is the deepest we’ve delved into mental health and mindset thus far on the Meatcast.


For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we chat with one of our product developers, Casey Robertson. Casey explains how he went from MMA fighter to culinary chef to army infantry to research and development for EPIC. He pulls back the vail on what exactly R&D folks do at a food company, explains what sets culinary chefs apart from you and me, and tells us the challenge of cooking for one vs. cooking for twenty vs cooking for millions.

And finally, I share the hottest deal we’ve ever run on and how you can be the first to take advantage of it!


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  1. Brute Strength



Music By: Broke For Free and Blank & Kytt

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