Meatcast – Episode 48 by Eric Le

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This week we’ve got the most decorated team athlete in CrossFit Games history (and garbage disposal connoisseur), James Hobart. He is the male athlete CrossFit uses in most of its exercise demo videos….that was until he was recently replaced by a very fit grandfather.


James and I chat about that and…

  • winning the CrossFit Games with multiple teams including Rich Froning’s Team Mayhem.
  • the big changes we’ve recently seen in the CrossFit Games season.
  • garbage disposals.


For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, you get an inside listen into a recent trip that Hope and I took to Denver. She takes on the challenge of ordering Whole30 at an airport restaurant and well...ultimately fails. [40:57]


Finally we make a major announcement that could save you lots of money!  [44:57]



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