Meatcast – Episode 47 by Eric Le


This week we’ve have the New York Times bestselling author Nina Teicholz talking about her book, The Big Fat Surprise. In the book, Nina argues that the dietary advice recommended by the majority of doctors and nutritionists is built on faulty science. She chronicles decades of studies to show that what we think we know about saturated fat, cholesterol, and heart disease might be all wrong and explains how butter, meat and cheese are part of a healthy diet.  

As promised, for this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we chat with a couple of team members taking on Whole30 this January! First up is Catalina, a marketing manager on the Annie’s team. She’s a Whole30 veteran (having done three of them already), but this year’s was, well...different.  As in her Whole30 actually was just a Whole4. How does a Whole30 fall apart? Catalina is brave enough to share with us! [44:15]

Next up is Hope, who leads EPIC marketing communications and is currently on her first Whole30. Not only did Hope manage to eat out during week one of her first of Whole30, she went on a date! Listen to Hope explain how that went, and stay tuned for more of her journey. [49:04]


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