Meatcast – Episode 50 by Eric Le

Butcher standing next to hanging carcass in kitchen


I’m really excited about this week’s episode, as its something I’ve wanted to do since we started the Meatcast 50 episodes ago! This week, I talk about the art of butchery with butcher and restaurant owner Ben Runkle from the award-winning Salt & Time butchery and restaurant in Austin. Butchery plays such an incredible role in our daily lives, yet most of us give it little thought or attention. The art of butchery had all but vanished in the United States until recently when it has seen an incredible resurgence thanks to folks like Ben and communities like EPIC’s! During our conversation Ben and I discuss….

  • his journey from veganism to butchery!
  • a butcher vs. a “meat cutter.”
  • what should we be looking for in our local butchers?
  • what are some of the most underrated cuts of meat?

If you’ve ever eaten a piece of meat and wondered about the role proper butchery plays in how that meat tastes, how it chews, and the life it led prior to your palate and plate—listen in!

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we’re lucky enough to chat with Shauna Sadowski who heads up the sustainability team for natural and organic brands at General Mills. What does it mean to work on sustainability at a big food company? What are the highlights and challenges? We dive into all of this with Shauna! [37:00]


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