Meatcast – Episode 55 by Eric Le

A man and women feeding cows on pasture


This week, we’re talking paleo baby food with the founders of Serenity Kids, Joe and Serena. Serenity Kids was the first baby food company I came across that combines ethically sourced meat with the convenience of pouches. As a new parent, I was incredibly excited about their launch and signed up for their first batch of pre-orders. But my order, along with many others, were delayed for almost two years! I confront Joe and Serenity about this two-year delay during our conversation. Joe Serena and I also discuss

  • How recently becoming parents has impacted them as entrepreneurs.
  • How do they develop products for babies. Taste testing? Choosing flavors?
  • The trust involved with making food that parents feed their infants and toddlers.

On this week’s INSIDE EPIC, I preview groundbreaking research that proves beef has the power to reduce greenhouse gases  This news will be the focus of its own Meatcast episode, but I wanted to share the breaking news here and give folks an opportunity to share it with their friends and family! Check out the links below if you’re a conscious carnivore who wants to support the movement of better meat, not less meat.



Relevant Links

Serenity Kids

Study: White Oak Pastures Beef Reduces Atmospheric Carbon

Infographics and Instagram-friendly assets to share the LCA research

Meatcast Episode 4: Will Harris

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