Meatcast – Episode 54 by Eric Le

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This week we’ve got elite CrossFit Games athlete (and the second fittest man in 2017), Brent Fikowski. Brent has finished in the Top 5 at the last three CrossFit Games and is one of the sport’s most popular athletes. That popularity, however, is credit to his personality rather than his results. As you’ll see in our interview, he’s incredibly thoughtful about his training, his life, and gives us an honest and interesting glimpse into the mind of a professional athlete. Brent and I discuss...

  • the best trash talkers in CrossFit.
  • his disappointing performance during this year’s Open.
  • a typical day in his first season as a full-time athlete.
  • the one element he realized was missing in his training and life recently.
  • Canadian nude pottery (not the answer to above).

We recorded this episode live at EPIC HQ during a week where Brent spent some time with our team in Austin and also with our founders out at Roam Ranch!

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we answer our very first Meatcast Mailbag question! Listen in and see if your question made it onto the Meatcast!

Finally, I reveal the cure for the dreaded plague of MEAT FOMO.


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The Professor Project

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