Meatcast – Episode 53 by Eric Le

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This week I talk to Dr. Michelle Thomas, the animal welfare manager at Applegate Farms. Most known for their deli meats and bacon, Applegate is a leader and pioneer in sustainably sourced animal products. During our conversation, Dr. Michelle Thomas and I discuss:

  • how Applegate maintains their high sourcing standards with a rapidly growing business.
  • the resources, attention, and time Applegate puts into their relationship with farms.
  • her unlikely career prior to agriculture.

Heads up that I make my biggest Meatcast mistake ever in this episode!

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we unveil the Meatcast Mailbag. You can now be a guest on the EPIC Meatcast by calling 512-686-MEAT. I explain how and share our first Meatcast Mailbag entry!

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