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I am pretty convinced that everyone on my team at the EPIC HQ is part super human. Super humans require super foods, right? I have self delegated myself to be the provider of nutrient dense, tasty, and creative foods for these champions of life. If you are reading this post; you clearly care about nutrition and fueling your body with the cleanest sources available. EPIC was born for this very reason. I dare to say that we deserve the “most healthy” award as an office. Gluten free, Birthday cupcakes have been known to go stale on our office kitchen counter. The kale chips, bone broth or grass fed jerky barely survive a morning. This is such a true testament that we believe in what we promote in the world of nutrition. The pride of eating and living in an epic manner every single day is something that each of us feel honored to wear.

I’ve personally always had a deep appreciation for real, whole foods. I prefer a green juice over a milkshake any day! My family would easily tell you that I am a food nerd with an insatiable appetite for creating new recipes. There is no greater gift to share with those I love than FOOD. Hence, working for a company that has such a beautiful food philosophy has been a dream come true for me.

Knowledge is power. I am constantly striving to research ways in which I can better my nutrition.

In this journey I have recently shifted into a high fat, Ketogenic way of eating. This shift has been rather smooth, as I had already been eating Paleo for the past two years. However, eating a diet that is 90% fat has required some important tweaks. Particularly a change in thinking along with preparation. For so long we have been taught that fat makes us FAT. Oh man did they get that one wrong. High fat science is an entire blog post on its own! So back to the preparation issue.

I have learned that I feel better during the week when I take the time to prepare. Not only does it help me stay focused but I enjoy my food so much more. This is crucial to me. What is the point of cooking and creating if it does not result in an explosion of goodness on the palate? I have set Monday nights as my “Meal Prep Monday”. Each Sunday, I sit down (with a Butter coffee of course) and I plan a menu and snack list for the upcoming week. Bloggers and cookbooks make the best Sunday dates, just throwing that out there. It is on these afternoons that I find and create fat filled foods that are quick, nutritious and delicious. The magic really happens on Monday night when I get in the kitchen and shut out the rest of the world for a couple of hours. I find pure joy in making a decadent, whole food based recipe. Or even more so, when I do not have a recipe and I just start pairing ingredients to conceive a dish that is all my own.

The birth of the fat bomb was generic at first. I was simply on the hunt for a quick and easy source of fat, for my extra busy days. Google had me at Kerry gold butter, cream cheese and MCT oil. If that is not the perfect mixture of high fat then I do not know what is. Wait…. Yes I do, add peanut and coconut butter with some chocolate. Boom. Party in my mouth! Fat Bomb Friday was the beginning of this EPIC office staple. It has quickly merged into Fat Bomb Monday - Friday. Each week it makes me so happy to brainstorm new recipes and watch those ideas turn into satisfied taste buds for my entire team. EPIC is in a constant state of excitement, movement, change, growth and innovation. To supply my co workers and friends with the purest brain power and energy possible is a privilege. And because we are givers and cannot but help to share foodie goodness with the masses, we want to share one of our most prized fat bomb recipes with you! We hope that you try it out and that it provides the same satisfaction that only clean, real amazing food can give. I firmly believe, after one taste, you will wholeheartedly agree fat is where it’s at!



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