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My name is Eric and this is the face of someone who just landed their dream job.  
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To understand why it's my dream gig professionally, you'll have to understand my journey personally...
2007: Filled with joy and nachos.
2007: Filled with joy and nachos.
Like many college students, health wasn't a huge priority. I wish I could say a pivotal life event made me re-evaluate my priorities, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Actually, it was just a movie with dudes wearing tunics...
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I saw 300 one weekend, went home, and with my fingers still greasy from the popcorn, I googled "300 actors workouts". This was my first foray into the wormhole of wellness and I was quickly amazed at how nutrition & exercise could shape one's appearance. In other words, I was pretty vain. I became your standard meat head, with all of my exercise taking place at the gym and all my nutrition habits centered around fine-tuning my "macros". Food was just a formula of protein/carbs/fat, and my cooking & eating habits reflected it. I was searched at an airport once because my gallon ziplock bags of whey protein in my carry-on were deemed suspicious. Nonetheless, this approach definitely garnered results and was my way of life. Until I met my her...
10956825_10105788173371040_401580685603255168_n2013: (we're still this excited 2 years later)
If I was going to fool this beauty into marrying me, I needed to expand my cooking beyond protein shakes. I scoured the interwebs for healthy recipes, stumbled into the world of "Paleo" eating and again, dove in deep. I started to prioritize food quality and understanding the impact food had not just on me, but the planet. I shifted my focus from the nutrition labels to the ingredient labels. And amid this dietary change, I also realized I'd rather not spend the majority of my free time alone at the gym. I found an awesome community of like-minded folks who don't take themselves too seriously, and who prioritize movement quality over quantity.
2014: Jump rope team tryouts. No, not really.2014: Jump rope team tryouts. No, not really.
I also began to realize there were many adventures to be had OUTSIDE the walls of a gym. There were experiences with friends and nature that'd leave me breathless for reasons beyond "cardio". That is how I found EPIC Bars.
I was preparing for a trip to the Boundary Waters, a beautiful remote piece of wilderness at the US/Canadian border, and wanted portable real food. I came across EPIC Bars, in this search and ordered a case of the Turkey bars from Amazon. They helped sustained us over 30 miles of paddling and portaging in what remains my most EPIC adventure.
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Which brings us to the here and now! I've spent the past 8 years working at a big food company selling some of America's biggest brands, but I came to a point where I wanted my professional life to reflect my personal values. Just like my diet and fitness goals had evolved over time, so had my professional goals. And thats why selling EPIC is my dream job. I have an opportunity with EPIC to take people along on the same journey I went on (and am still on!) To feed others as I wish to be fed, to raise awareness about food quality and it's impact on our planet. And, if nothing else, to stop meat heads everywhere from getting searched by TSA.
Finally, this is our new dog Carter, because.. puppies.
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