This week we chat with modern-day shepherdess, Brittany Cole Bush.  What’s a shepherdess, you ask? Imagine if you replaced your landscaping crew with a flock of goat and sheep.  Listen in as Brittany breaks down the following and more:


  • How she started not just a shepherding business, but also a fashion business using the very animals she herds
  • Why public and private businesses throughout the Bay Area have hired her and her flock to help manage their land
  • The opportunity to bring the ancient/endangered occupation of herding to our generation and into the cities
  • How the business of shepherding can touch communities and individuals we often fail to reach
  • Why everyone should eat more goat!


For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we sit down with our CFO/COO, Robby Sansom. In addition to dropping some knowledge from his time with us over the years, he gives y’all the first ever behind-the-scenes look at a change we’re making to one of our top products.  We thought the Meatcast would be a unique opportunity to explain the change and address some of the immediate questions our audience might have.


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