This week we're exploring the Whole Foods universe with David Woods, their Global Category Manager for salty snacks— or in layman’s terms, the gatekeeper for every delicious item that enters the Whole Foods salty snack aisle. Y’all seem like the kind of people that go to Whole Foods to load up on samples, so here are some tiny morsels from our conversation...


  • His journey from drugs and pizza delivery to paleo and Whole Foods
  • What is he looking for when choosing brands for Whole Foods and why it might be easier getting into Harvard
  • The unlikely place to get his attention if you're trying to get your brand into Whole Foods
  • How being a CrossFit athlete impacts his work



For this week's Inside EPIC segment, we speak with the "to" in farm-to-table, EPIC's supply chain lead Rebecca Linz.  Simply put, without Rebecca, we'd be eating a farm table.  She talks about her experience being part of the General Mills "due diligence" team that evaluated EPIC prior to the acquisition, what was it like being the first General Mills employee to join the EPIC team, and what are the biggest differences she's seen between the two organizations.

Also, for the first time ever, I read one of our Apple Podcast reviews.  Tune in and find out if its yours....or my mom's.


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