EPIC champions, we’ve got one hell of a Meatcast for y’all this week.  

Before she was a beekeeper in Austin, Tara Chapman was an agent for the CIA. I know, I know, yet another spy-turned-beekeeper story.  Seriously y’all, this interview is among my favorites thus far.  You'll hear one of the most fascinating personal journeys while learning about the insanely integral role bees play in our food and agricultural system.  Below is just a sample of what we covered:


  • Why the queen bee is not the Beyonce of the hive
  • How male bees undergo nature's most devastating walk of shame
  • Where we ship more than 80% of America's bees alive on 18-wheelers once a year
  • Why bee colonies are mysteriously dying and what can we do about it
  • Why a beekeeper deadlifts
  • What EPIC is doing with Tara and beehives at the EPIC Roam Ranch


For this week's Inside EPIC, Tara actually let me accompany her on a hive visit. The best part? I’m terrified of bees. Listen to me cry when we open a hive with thousands of bees, harvest some honey, and eat it right off the comb!  I may or may not have peed my bee suit. Tune in to find out!

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