For Episode 8, we welcome Stephanie Gaudreau into the Meatcast Den! You probably recognize Steph for her “Stupid Easy Paleo” fame, but I’m guessing many of you don’t know the journey she took to become one of the most influential leaders in the fitness and nutrition community.  


Tune into the episode and.….

  • Find out why she left her job as a school teacher to start her own business
  • Follow her athletic evolution from mountain bike racer → Crossfit Regional Athlete → Olympic Weightlifting Coach → Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Hear her thoughts on the evolution of the Paleo diet over the past few years
  • Discover why her recent blog post on body shaming went viral
  • Learn about The Women’s Strength Summit
  • Hear me butcher her last name, despite her pleas


For this week’s Inside EPIC, we honor the upcoming Father’s Day with our office dad, Clint Clancy!  He'll explain why there's an EPIC  t-shirt with his face on it and what our most common consumer complaint is.


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