Meatcast Spirits,

This week we head under the sea and dive into responsible seafood with Duncan Berry co-founder of Fishpeople Seafood.  Before he was an advocate for the transparency beneath the surface, he was championing fair trade above it, running an organic cotton textile company and weaving the finest of threads.


Listen in as Duncan and I discuss:

  • How he went from fashion to fish
  • Why only 30% of Americans are eating seafood at home
  • How we export 90% of our seafood catch, only to import it all back and sell
  • Why it’s just as important to serve Walmart as it is to serve Whole Foods

Duncan also provides some great advice on how to shop for better seafood and we have our first-ever 100% marine Rank Your Meats! It’s America’s favorite game show — with fish.


For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we chat with EPIC’s Western Sales Manager Tim Krausse. Tim’s a hilarious guy with an incredible story. Type 1 Diabetes almost took his life — but diet, exercise, and a change of lifestyle literally saved it.


Finally, with us on the eve of Halloween, I provide some advice on haunted houses, trick-or-meating, and how you can score some free EPIC swag.

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