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¡Meat amigos!

This week, we chat with the Miguel and Veronica Garza, the brother-sister duo behind Siete Foods. You probably have seen their now-famous grain-free tortilla chips — they’re one of the top 3 selling items in Whole Food’s revered salty snack aisle! — and delicious grain-free tortillas, but do you know the fascinating founding story and family roots that have pushed Siete to the top of the gluten-free industry? Here’s a mental appetizer of sorts: siete is ‘seven’ in Spanish, an ode to the Garzas seven immediate family members that have inspired them to bring more family cooking (and less gluten) to the world.


This episode is different from those in past weeks. Thanks to Miguel and Veronica’s candidness and honesty, we get a rare glimpse at the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we get a chance to discuss the challenges of being first or second-generation Americans (a plight I’m all too familiar with), especially when your food and cultural values conflict. Finally, the Garzas talk about that crazy moment when your idols suddenly begin advocating for your brand. This is can’t-miss stuff, y’all.

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For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, we’re giving you a glimpse at the man behind the pen (well, keyboard), David Leffler. As EPIC’s Brand Journalist, David is responsible for almost all of EPIC’s written content, from blogs to website copy to social media posts and beyond. While you won’t get a chance to sample his work during our interview, you’ll get to hear us chat about his extensive background as a writer and how he turned a freelance assignment with EPIC’s founders into his current full-time job!

WARNING: David’s a fan of dad jokes and thinks he’s really funny. We try not to humor him around the office, but he gets the best of us sometimes. He may get you too.


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We'll also be teasing our big 12/1/17 announcement AND giving y’all details on how to win a Meatcast T-Shirt!


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