At last, I fulfill a lifelong dream to interview Kwame, Planeteer and friend of Captain Planet. Well, not quite Kwame, but close! When it comes to healing the land and "Earth!" few are having as huge an impact as Chris Kerston and the Savory Institute.


Chris, Savory's Director of Outreach, joins us on the Meatcast and we cover the following:

  • His journey from suburban Cali kid to rancher to Savory savant
  • Explaining what the heck Regenerative Agriculture is and how it can save our planet
  • How you can support the Savory Institute and Regenerative Agriculture in spite of your homeowner's association
  • Chris disrupts "Rank Your Meats" with a game-changing entrant


For this week’s Inside EPIC, we’ll chat with our office coordinator, Ashley Leline. Ashley's part of our core legacy wolf pack and is responsible for EPIC HQ's amazing interior design. We'll learn about her inspiration and process when she's equipping our office and team for utter domination.

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Music By: Broke For Free and Blank & Kytt


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