What do Mark Paul Gosselaar, Mark Wahlberg, and Mark Sisson have in common? They never age! But while Zach Morris still looks like Zach Morris and Marky Mark is filming what’s likely the tenth Transformers movie, Mark “Primal” Sisson is in better shape than most men half his age! That’s no accident, either.


This week, get a peek into Mark’s philosophy on training, nutrition, and life that’s helped him become one of the most influential leaders in the paleo community. In primal fashion, he and I discuss the following and much more!

  • His journey from professional athlete to entrepreneur
  • Why he refuses to eat anything that doesn’t taste good, no matter how healthy
  • His unique approach to endurance training
  • The role of supplements for nutrients vs. eating real food
  • Why he launched the Primal Kitchen food brand
  • The launch of the Primal Kitchen restaurant franchises


For this week’s Inside EPIC, we’ll chat with the original EPIC Eric: Eric Rasmussen.  A former culinary chef, he’s the man behind our product development—so if you’re interested in how our products go from concept to creation, you’ll love the stories Eric has to share.  You’ll also learn how he and our co-founder, Taylor, literally ‘made it rain’…..meat.

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